Your Holiday Guide to Party Rentals

November 16, 2015

With the holiday season upon us and in the frenzy of making plans, attending parties, and tending to family and friends, we often become behind with a few of the details! That especially can be true when hosting and planning your very own holiday gathering. Below are a few tips on what to consider before placing your holiday rental orders!

Holiday Guide to Party Rentals!

Get Your Orders in Early

While we have a large inventory of tables, chairs, china and all the holiday essentials, sometimes our exclusive items fly off the shelves! We can always find alternatives, however you'll be stress-free knowing your picks are available for delivery. See our full product line here.

Do a Personal Inventory Check

Before giving us a call, do a personal inventory check to see what you already have and what will need to be rented. Take a look at our Holiday Rental Checklist to give you a head-start!

Know Your Guest Count

When placing rental orders, the guest count is everything. If you don't have a final head-count when placing your order, guesstimate and we can always adjust the numbers as the date gets closer. (Insider Tip! Always order a few extras to ensure those last minute guests are covered.)

Your Menu Matters

While T&C does not offer any food service, we offer a wide range of serving platters, utensils, serving trays, beverage dispensers and many other buffet and kitchen necessities. If you know your menu, we can help guide you on which rental items you will need. 

Take Measurements

Order table linens for an exiting table? Take a quick measuremnt and we will provide the appropriate sized lines. Want to know if you can fit a few extra tables into a tight space? Take a measurement of the space and we will be happy to configure how many guests you can seat.