Julio Villasenor

Julio Villasenor began his career in the special events industry in 1984. He started out in the field as a labor worker and moved his way up to management at a recognized rental company in Los Angeles. Subsequently, he moved into sales and special event consulting in 1998. Since then, Julio has produced location weddings across the world and all over Southern California. Julio has been nominated twice bySpecial Events Magazine and in 2009 he won the Award for Best Achievement in Rental Support.

His work has recently been featured on WE channel's Platinum Weddings.

Julio's area of expertise lies in design, space planning, and logistical support. Julio's unique talent to draw amazing diagrams, including 3D drawings and renderings allows him to visually translate how the event will look before it even happens.

Julio's ability to create extraordinary concepts, renderings, and his expertise in international logistics makes him the preferred choice when it comes to complex and challenging projects. Because of his strong reputation, Julio is both well respected and admired by many of his peers in the industry.

Favorite Rental Item Right Now: Plank Flooring

Go-To Solution: Extremely detailed diagrams

Best Quote to Live By: Hard work, determination, discipline & persistance = success!


Van Nuys
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Event Directors
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(818) 298-2714
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Corinna Aguirre