Staff Directory

Van Nuys Showroom & Distribution Center


Assistant to
Mr. LoGuercio


Vice President
Lisa Tinkham- Office Management
MP Knowlton Assistant to Mr. Keesler
Ben Goldman Director of Marketing & Graphics

Human Resources:


Diana Herrera
Director of Human Resources
Payroll Manager
HR Associate

Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Van Nuys Office

Adam Martin- Assistant to Adam Carly Costanza
Angelina Archibeque Assistant to Agenlina Stacey Mobley
Bryan Phelps Assistant to Bryan Krista Polizo
Clare Waddington- Assistant to Clare Mo Costella
Cristina Campos- Assistant to Cristina Nasreen Jadmani
Curtis Markley-   Assistant to Curtis  Stella Bonsanti
George Badajos- Assistant to George Sarina Fowble
Gina Andrews- Assistant to Gina Colleen Gunder
John Ferdenzi- Assistant to to John Araceli Luna
Julio Villasenor- Assistant to Julio Corinna Aguirre
Kacey Doherty- Assistant to Kacey Nasreen Jadmani
Kirk Pallotto- Assistant to Kirk Carol Goldman
Laurent Minniti- Assistant to Laurent Jaye Mendez
Leticia Ortega Calderon Assistant to Leticia Liz Hernandez
Mark Anfangar Assistant to Mark Diana Esquivel
Mike Koshimizu- Assistant to Mike Ariel Brown
Rob Kuehn-     Assistant to Rob Hilary Robinson
Stacy Lee- Assistant Stacy Deb Gutierrez
Stefanie Rigazzi Assistant to Stefanie Angela Interiano
Steve Rivas- Assistant to Steve Jaye Mendez
Ted Galvan Assistant to Ted Lin Chen
Tom Henneman- Assistant to Tom Olivia Sellers
Trish Hook- Assistant to Trish Jaye Mendez
Reyna Vasquez- Assistant to Reyna Sandra Esquivel
KA-   Assistant to KA Cheron Beard

Production Managers - Van Nuys Office:

Senior Production Coordinator


Pasadena Showroom

Camille Conroy Branch Manager

Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Pasadena Showroom

Jorge Huizar- Assistant to Jorge Alejandra Ayon
Cicely Jinesta- Assistant to Cicely Camille Conroy
Marilyn Bednar- Assistant to Marilyn Julie Foster


Santa Barbara Showroom:


Branch Manager
Asssistant to Jaclynn


Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Santa Barbara Showroom

Chloe Prousalis Assistant to Chloe Tatelyn Corral
Adam Martin Assistant to Adam Carly Costanza